Recognizing Sigma Rho Varsity Athletes

Since the start of the Sigma Rho Chapter in 1902, many Betas have participated in and excelled at varsity sports. We have started a  project to identify and recognize our varsity athletes and their accomplishments. We have managed to identify several varsity athletes but our list is not complete.  Most of the information was obtained from the online versions of the Illio. The information from 1902 to 1971 was readily available but after 1971, the Illio did not show the same level of detail.

Let us know if you have any addtional information or correction to what is in the athlete list.    

We appreciate and thank the Athletics Department Media Relations office for sending us digital images of some of our athletes.  We hope to obtain more images as we continue to develop our list.

    View the complete list of Sigma Rho athletes:   Beta-athletes.pdf

As of this writing, we have identified the following:

Total number of Sigma Rho athletes 159
Number of captains or co-captains 25
Athletes who competed in two sports 23

Athletes who competed in three sports


J. R. Stewart '29  Football, basketball, baseball


Doug Mills '62 Football, basketball, baseball

Athletes given the George Huff Award for academics 17
Class with the most varsity athletes 65's and '67's each had 9 athletes
Illinois Men's Athlete of the Year Doug Mills ’62 and  Jim Dawson ‘67
Men's Big 10 Medal of Honor for Athletics and Academics Bogie Redmon ‘65  Basketball, Track