Renovations to the Beta House - Summer 2014 by Dave McMurray

With the support of a handful of alums this summer we were able to make some very needed renovations to the house. Several repairs were made: the chimney, fixing the holes in the roof, repairing/repainting the back stairs, and replacing some 59 windows.

We also installed brand new kitchen equipment, painted the entire first floor and front stairs all the way up. We provided brand new furniture (leasing it) for the entire house, ridding the house (including the catch-all basement storage area) of any and all excess "junk", and performing an industrial cleaning throughout.

I have attached some pictures for you to see some of the work firsthand. Quite frankly, the house has not looked this good in years. That all said, we have a lot of work yet to do to get the house up to the standards that we all expect and to be competitive with the kind of housing that is going up all around campus.

Plans are being developed and we will be rolling out an alumni-wide fundraising campaign in the coming months with the hope and intent of raising enough money to lower our debt and put many additional improvements into the house that will last for years to come.

Dave McMurray